About Us

     We started The Home Gym Junkie during Covid when all of the gyms were mandated to close down. We had no where to train our clients and were struggling to keep open, so we had no choice but to take our clients out of the gym and into exercising in residential, or outdoor spaces. This drastic change required some planning, and execution.

      First we needed a plan to maximize our clients' results without a gym, while also avoiding the hassle of transporting bulky gym equipment. To make the changed work we came up with a full body workout routine using minimal equipment. After a couple of months it was a significant improvement for our clients' progress, and my personal training business by ditching the old way of training in a gym. The relaxing environment, and proper tools to train were displayed on our clients' improved physiques. 

    Our collections are based around the exercises we would use in our every day sessions spent with our friends, and clients. We would like to extend our products to you, and invite you to become part of our family.

Train with us, and bring your gym home.