About Steve

Hi everyone and welcome to my Home Gym Junkie website. Sport has been my passion from a very early age, around 6 or 7. I started playing sport at school, football (Rugby League), cricket and tennis. Around the age of 10 I also added surfing to the list of sports that I love to participate in.


As a kid growing up in Sydney, Australia in a time before we had computers and mobile phones, most of my early training was done in the local park with my brother and a few of the other local kids from our area. Our practice usually consisted of playing games of 3 or 4 a side, kicking and passing a football, bowling, batting and catching a cricket ball and playing tennis in the middle of the road.


In my early 20s I took up martial arts and went on to train in and teach for nearly 30 years. Being always a slight build I found my natural abilities sometimes just couldn’t compete with the bigger and stronger people I trained with. To combat this I took up weight training at the gym to help increase my size and strength.


Now I would like to help others achieve their training and fitness goals.


Sports and training are all goal oriented activities with a wide range of training techniques and equipment available to help everyone no matter what you want to achieve, whether it is size, strength, endurance, weight loss, toning and rehabilitation after injury….. and I want to offer you some insights into many of these, as well as provide you with updated information about the wide range of products available these days to help you achieve your goals.


A Little Insight Into My Sporting Journey

While I was progressing with my martial arts and gym training I was very fortunate to be guided by some very experienced and elite people in both the martial arts and body building fields. I worked very hard in both the gym and the dojo and slowly started to gain an edge in my favorite sport.


Whether playing in an elite competition, competing in a team or solo sport or just trying to stay fit and healthy for personal well-being, we all want to achieve the best results possible.


So how do we go about pursuing our goals in the most effective and time efficient manner?


For every hour I spent in the dojo training and learning I spent an hour at home practicing kicks and strikes, my katas and kicking the bag. When I couldn’t get to the gym, I would supplement that side of my training with push-ups, sit ups, running and swimming.


I literally spent hours watching videos and reading magazines trying to learn new techniques and way to improve my strength and endurance by emulating my heroes of that era.


In my early 30s I got married and naturally the kids soon followed. Due to work and family commitments my time to spend in the gym and teaching my classes became greatly reduced. I’m sure many of you out there can relate to this scenario.


I was not prepared to give up the training side of my life altogether, so I started looking for ways to maximize my time. My first effort was not very sophisticated, but I built a fairly effective gym in my garage. This consisted of a punching bag, speed ball, floor to ceiling ball, some skipping ropes, a bench press and some free weights. Not quite the same as the real thing, but still more than enough to have a really good workout, on the days I couldn’t get to the gym or dojo.


The World And Times Have Changed

In today’s world there are many elite gyms and training facilities offering the state-of-the-art equipment, free weights and cable machines, aerobics and spin classes and a wide variety of cross training facilities. Most people who are just into health and fitness for their own benefit will belong to a gym of some description.


While I’m still a member of a gym, but due to work and life commitments I still find it time effective and efficient to workout at home sometimes. These days there are such a wide variety of home gym equipment, weights and accessories available, that no matter what your training levels or goals are, there is something to help everyone achieve their goals.


Much of the content we’re going to be discussing here is going to be centered around the wide range of gym equipment and accessories and training tips available that will help you maximize you training at home on the days that you just can’t get to the gym.


The world is changing and the technology of today makes training at home a great option.


Effective Training In A Time Poor World

Who can relate to this scenario?


You might work long hours; you have family commitments – a husband or wife, kid’s sports and activities and so on and so on. While you’re busy taking care of your responsibilities, you’re letting yourself go at the same time. Maybe you’re just not quite the athlete you used to be, or maybe your have never done much exercise before but decided to improve you health and fitness for yourself and your family.


Whether an elite athlete, a regular gym goer, just starting out on your fitness journey or rehabilitating after injury, there is something for everyone’s home fitness requirements at the home gym junkie.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,


The Home Fitness Junkie